Sept. 22, 2015

I was pretty confused and overwhelmed going into the second inquiry log. It seemed like a lot being thrown at me all at once. I usually have no time going off topic, but for some reason I had a hard time with number three in the prompt. Once I became focused on “this is what I need to find” and “this is what I need to get out of whatever it is that I find”, I had a hard time relating it to unrelated topics.

Throughout the process, and with this log in particular, I have been having trouble finding new information and information about my specific questions. Along the way, I changed one of my questions a bit because I decided that it was a little to specific.

From reading:

  1.  from the first section: extend ideas of others
    1. by reading, you start to form your own ideas and opinions
    2. you find things that you are able to contradict (yeah, but…)
  2. second section: writers frame
    1. writer’s frame = what they want you to see
      1. their perspective
    2. identify frame
      1. what do they emphasize?
    3. example: From FORBES article “there is another problem…”
      1. economics and business

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