Sept. 15, 2015

  • It’s about sitting down, thinking about your life, then writing
  • we’ve been taught not to use personal experiences
    • drawing on personal experiences is more than using “I”
      • “I think” is not necessary..obviously if you said it, you think it
      • “I have experiences___” is good
    • personal experience makes writing believable
  • It’s important to recognize what bothers you, personally bc it says a lot about you
  • There is more than two opinions about subjects
    • everyone has an opinion
    • we start going back and forth and it gets confusing
      • not compartmentalizing

“Should Everyone Go To College” article (Forbes)

  • “universal goal”?
  • I wouldn’t say that college is a good investment for everybody
    • people can get jobs and make decent money straight out of high school
    • people can go to college and can’t get a job after they graduate

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