Sept. 10, 2015

  • We need to transition writing styles instead of bring old, pre-TV writing styles into writing today
  • We like to place blame
    • were blaming new technology and youth for ruining writing today when they were blaming TV and radio not too long ago
    • other examples of things the next generation “ruins”
      • clothing, music
    • Pinker is saying we’re not ruining the language by texting or whatever, it’s just new
  • I usually fall back on what I’ve been told to do just because I don’t feel comfortable enough in certain writing to venture out of my comfort zone
  • “sometimes doing the right thing makes us stick out”
  • Most writers said writing came to them naturally
    • Pinker thinks that it had to come to them somehow. Probably from reading.
    • Brings up another interesting point that its easy for people to say ‘I’m such a bad writer or reader’
  • Be aware of whats working and how/why it’s working or not working

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