Dr. Cruela de Vil

Every day, scientists and researchers come up with ideas for new drugs and cosmetic products. Before they can make these ideas come to life, and put them to use, they have to make sure that they are safe. They need to know how they are going to or could possible effect the human body. I don’t know many people that would agree to putting something into their bodies, not knowing what could possibly happen to them; so the next best alternative is animals.
Growing up, I had quite a few animals. One thing I do know is that animals cannot speak for themselves. They can’t tell you when they don’t like something or if they’re hurting. They don’t have a say. There’s a thin line that needs to be better distinguished. Most people would agree that animals should have rights, but where it gets a little blurry is what rights should they have/ shouldn’t they have?
What makes humans so “special”? We use animals for testing because they are “most similar to humans”, but if they’re so similar to humans, we should consider their feeling. Do animals experience pain the same as humans? Do some animals experience pain more than others? Do animals have emotions/Can they tell what’s happening to them? All of these things should be considered.
This brings up the issue of animal testing for medical use. If the research will save human lives. Again, that’s suggesting that human lives are more important than animal lives. Are they? Or is it different when it comes to medical uses (as opposed to cosmetic)? If animals are harmed, but in the end, a drug is produced that will save thousands of people, will it be worth it?
Animals aren’t the only option, though. There are other resources out there. It’s just a matter of if it’s worth it. Other resources could cost more money, and give less accurate results.
Recently, more and more people are speaking up about animal cruelty. We need to decide if animal testing is considered “animal cruelty” or if it’s necessary. Do animals have rights and where do we draw the line?


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