Inquiry Based Learning

According to Wikipedia, Inquiry based learning “starts by posing questions, problems, or scenarios” as opposed to “simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge”.

Based on my research, it looks like IBL is used in most subjects in school, particularly math and science courses, and they seem to agree on the basic definition. Both math and science courses use IBL to get a better understanding of why things are they are instead of just learning how to get the answer (if that makes sense). I didn’t see any disagreement.

To me, “context” basically means environment. Environment not being literal.Academic writing is any writing meant for an academic purpose.

Rethorical Knowledge

Im most familiar with this phrase from my AP English class in high school. I think it basically means knowing and understanding how to write and get your point across, while forming logical sentences and phrases.

Critical Reading

I’m familiar with this phrase from previous English classes and it means to analyze and understand a reading.

Composing process

I’m familiar with this term from any of my classes that I had to write a paper or an essay in. It’s just the process of writing the paper, so brainstorming, maybe research, planning, editing, peer editing, etc.

Knowledge of conventions

I am not familiar with this term. From what it says online, I think that it means knowing how to differentiate between genres in both reading and writing.

Critical Reflection

I have hears this before in previous English classes. It is the ability to understand and explain why you made certain choices in your writing.


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